Sunday, June 8, 2008

Workin', Man

Busy day today. I will be a soccer widow for the next three weeks, as the Europeans are having their big tournement. Mr. E and the boys headed to a friend's to watch Germany and Poland play. I stayed home to:

1.) Dump four wheelbarrow loads of compost on the potatoes,

2.) Weed out 1-1/2 herb beds,

3.) Weed the leeks,

4.) Put 100 socks on apples,

5.) Planted some rosemary,


6.) Prune the Alkemene apple a bit.

I have almost gone through the 300 socks I bought, and still have a tree to go. Trying not to count my apples before I've harvested them, I figure I'm looking at over 100lbs of apples this fall. WTF am I going to do with 100lbs of apples????

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