Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whatever the Weather....

Ran out to check on the garden today. The radishes, lettuces and (finally) the cucumbers are up. Still no sign of corn or squash.

We had on odd, hot (83 degrees) muggy day yesterday. I guess a cold front moved through, and it pulled heat and moisture up here from down south. The only reason that 83 was unusual is because it's been so cold this year.

I think I finally turned off the furnace for the summer. We had quite a bit of wind last night. I was hoping we'd get a thunderstorm because the garden needs the water, and I just love thunderstorms. We don't get them too often here, although before we moved here apparently they had them more often and there are stories of trees that were hit.

The next week looks fairly dry, so I'm going to pull out the soaker hoses and get the boys to help lay them out. For those in the Seattle area, there's a website that shows how much water has evaporated from your soil on a daily and weekly basis. Just click on the station nearest you, and there's all sorts of useful information on solar power and irrigation requirements.

I keep hearing yelling from the other room. The guys are watching the Spain-Italy match. It's overtime....

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