Sunday, June 1, 2008

Socks on Apples

Say what? You put socks on your apples? Has it been that cold of a spring?

Yes, I put socks on my apples today. Actually, they're those ladies' disposable footie socks that you get at the shoe store for trying on shoes. The idea is that you cover your apples while still small with the footie sock, and the apple maggots and coddling moths either can't see or can't get to your apples. The socks expand as the apple grows.

I'm not sure if this is going to work. The instructions said to give the sock a twist around the stem to close it, but it didn't close very well. I tried wetting my fingers first, but that didn't help. I have a feeling that the first wind storm will blow away many socks, and then the search will be on to find both sock and uncovered apple. I may end up tying them closed with twine or something. I'm also afraid that they'll make nice homes for other apple-eating buggies, like earwigs.

I covered my Dayton apples first, since they were the largest. I think I covered over 80 apples. These are huge apples at harvest, and if all goes well, I should have 35-40 lbs of (hopefully worm-free) apples from this tree alone! It took a good hour to thin the apples and put the socks on. Thing 1 helped me by handing me the footies and spying any missed apples. Thank you Thing 1! He's my apple-eater, so he'd better help out (says the Little Red Hen). I'll try to do another apple tree tomorrow.

Oooh. We had great news today! Thing 1 made it into honors everything for next year!! I'm so proud of him!!!! (Yes, all exclamation points necessary....)

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