Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Officially over $4 a gallon

I bought my first $4 a gallon gas today (in the US). $4.039, to be exact. I can't say that I'm sorry for it. I am in hopes that all those people who voted against all the mass transit initiatives in the Seattle area are thinking again about their choice.

In looking back in my journal, On March 20, 2007, I noted that gas was $2.70 a gallon. It cost me $1.10 to go to the grocery store, and $1.55 to Costco. Now it's more like $1.65 to the grocery store, and $2.33 to Costco. $3.05 just to take Thing 2 for a checkup.

I wish that the roads around here were better for bicycling. There are no shoulders, open ditches, and huge trucks so wide they can't fit in their lane. Really. It's quite disconcerting seeing one of them coming at you; they're crossing the center line, and there's nowhere for you to go but in a ditch or over a steep embankment. And what do they care? Nothing will happen to them. A bike path would be great, but a pipe dream at this point.

If there were a bike path, I could safely bike to town. At $2.00 a trip, I could even pay for a trailer in less than two years! Somehow I don't think that's a good enough reason for the county....

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