Monday, November 26, 2007


Winter is in the air! Not quite on the ground yet, though. It snowed heavily for a few hours today. Enough to cover the grass in white, but not enough to stick to the paved surfaces.

The mountains are expected to get over a foot of snow tonight. The boys are itching to go skiing. They'll need to wait a little while longer, though.

With Thanksgiving so early, I have yet to get into the "ho" spirit. The snow helps a little. Usually I have the house all decorated and the lights up the day after turkey-day, but I'm only a third the way there, and we're having a party on Saturday....

I made Impossible Beef Enchilada Pie tonight. Got down to the last ingredient - dang, no baking mix. So I found this one online. Darned if it doesn't work better than the store-bought stuff! No more buying baking mix! Even buying a small box, it goes bad before I've finished with it. I made a quarter batch of the homemade stuff. Yea!

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