Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gardening in November

Ooooohhh. Do I ache.

Today was one of those rare (for November), partly cloudy, warm-enough-to-get-by-with-just-a-sweatshirt days. So I spent four hours putting about in the garden. Which means I:

1. Planted the rest of the garlic, bringing me to a total of 80 heads.

2. Cleared one of my 100 sq ft veggie beds of weeds. You could barely see the broccoli, and the shorter spinach was completely lost.

3. Dug up some of the horseradish.

4. Cut down the crocosmia, black-eyed-susans, penstemon, and some other plants for the winter.

Monday and Tuesday are also supposed to be nice, so I'll head out in the afternoons to deal with the yard.

Until then, my bath (loaded with bath salts) awaits....

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Hedgewizard said...

You like your garlic, don't you? I wanted to plant mine this autumn, but the caulis that precede them in the rotation drowned this year and had to be replanted, so of course they're well behind. Spring garlic it'll have to be.