Monday, November 19, 2007

Light and Dark

It's a dark, damp, dank, dreary day. It was so dark at 3pm, I almost turned on the outside lights. It never got above 40 degrees, and rained intermittantly. Thunder rumbled, and hail, well, hailed.

After reading Simple Living's post on white space, I decided that it was time to declutter. I'm realizing how much stuff is slowing me down.

It's so much faster making lunches in the morning if there is counter space available. How much time is wasted looking for a place for this or that? How much time is wasted dusting things, and around things? How much time do I waste searching amongst stuff, trying to find the item I need?

So in the spirit of Flylady, I did five 27-fling boogies. And although not totally cleaned up, the lack of so much stuff makes me feel calmer. Flat surfaces free of stuff definitely bring down my blood pressure. I don't feel all the guilt of having it there in the first place. No embarassing messes. Anyone could walk in at any time. La! What an ideal! Okay, I'm not there yet.

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