Saturday, November 17, 2007

Comments Anyone?

I had to delete a comment today. I'm not terribly sure what it said, as it was written in what I believe to be Portugese. English I can handle, although some words in The Queen's English and Australian English cause me to run for the dictionary (or Google). I took French in school, and have access to German translation. Spanish, if it's basic, I can sometimes muddle through, given its resemblance to French.

Other than that, folks, if I can't read it, I delete it.

Sorry to the poster if it was legit.

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Hedgewizard said...

I had a weird one a while ago, and I couldn't even recognize the syntax never mind the language. I followed the poster back to a blogfull of the same stuff, and eventually found out that he's a nutter who had "invented his own language", which basically amounted to making up syllables and stringing them together to look like words. Perhaps you've had one from him - the language had a spanish or portugese look to it but wasn't either of them.