Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whoo? Me?

This last week, I've been hearing the screeching of barn owls in the woods out back. They make quite the racket, and its a wonder that all the rodents don't go underground and stay there all night.

More and more holes are popping up all over the yard. I'm still not sure if it's rat or vole, but the population seems to be growing. I've tried mouse traps, but found them all sprung, with only a dead slug to show for it. Our cat stays in at night, so he's no help, and I haven't heard a coyote in a while, so the rodents are living large on peas and strawberries, and, I'm afraid, my potatoes.

I found a hole today under one of my pear trees, which is frightening. They could do a lot of damage to trees - I lost a young cherry tree that way. They use the mole runs for the most part, and munch on the plant roots. Even though I've been watering the peas, they still look thirsty.

So I'm ready for the owls, coyotes, and any other natural predators to come to my yard! Come over for a feast, owls!

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