Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mother Nature's Fireworks

Mother Nature celebrated the Fourth a little early with a thunder and lightning display last night and on into the day today. Very rare around here, I relish the storms.

However, they started up against the mountains around 10:30 last night, stopped shortly after I went to bed at 11, and then started up again, this time with a torrential downpour that lasted the rest of the night and halfway through the day today. Some 3,000 strikes were said to have happened in 24 hours in Western Washington alone. I had the windows open, as it was warm and muggy, and I sleep best with it quite cool. So with all the thunder and the pouring rain, I didn't get the best of sleep. The yard loved the drenching though! You could almost hear the plants sucking up the rain.

Now the weather forecasters are saying that it's going to be showery for a while. Although I was planning to transplant the leeks in about two weeks, I'm thinking now is the time. They should adapt better to their new home with it cool and wet for a bit.

Tomorrow will be a busy one! Mr. E wants to go downtown for the fireworks, there is a lot of planting and harvesting to do, I am desperate to make bread before it gets too warm again, and I'd like to get some strawberry jam canned as well. I think the jam will have to wait for Monday or Tuesday....

Today we went to Seattle. On the first Thursday of the month, the Science Fiction Museum is open from 5-8 for free. The EMP was open for free as well, but it wouldn't hold much interest for the boys. So we spent the afternoon at the Science Center, and then met Mr. E at the SFM. Free is a great deal! I think it saved us about $54 in entrance fees.

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