Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Onion Fairy

Today I did my final onion thinning, and had a large handful of delicious baby onions. I have quite a few in the fridge, so what to do with the bunch? I went door-to-door in my neighborhood handing out bunches of onions! One neighbor commented that she doesn't buy them anymore since they're so expensive. I never buy them either, and would rather do without. Much easier, cheaper, and fresher to grow my own.

Today's cool weather enabled me to get out in the garden, and plant eight square feet of spinach, six square feet of turnips, and about 12 square feet of carrots. I'm really behind in my fall veggie planting! I also got a bit of weeding and watering accomplished. Yet to do (hopefully tomorrow): transplant the leeks, plant about 12 square feet of cabbages, another eight square feet of spinach, more carrots, and a bunch of scallions. This will help keep us in fresh veggies during the fall and winter.

It feels odd to be planting the fall veggies already. The timing always catches me unawares. I feel like "I haven't even seen my first tomato yet, and I'm planting for fall?" But I promised myself to be on top of things (relatively) this year, and the cool day today (65 degrees and cloudy) reminded me that fall isn't that far away. I'm only, erm, two weeks late planting the spinach....

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Everett said...

I know what you mean. I just planted greens and radishes the other day, yet had to go to the grocery store for tomatoes. Meanwhile, I have several tomato plants with big, green fruits on them. :-(

How much would you bet that they ALL come in at the same time? Looks like I'll be learning how to can this year.