Friday, July 18, 2008

Running in Circles

Today I saw a large bee running in circles on the mat at the back door. Round and round she went, for what reason I know not. I tried looking up the kind of bee and what the circles might mean, but I couldn't find anything. There were no other bees around that I could see. It was just this solitary, frenzied running about in circles.

Which is how things have seemed around here. Running kids to this camp and that camp, friends' houses, out to the garden to move the hose to the next bed, watering the neighbors' plants, out to hang the laundry on the line, out and back again, almost circular, like the bee.

Our next big project is painting the house. It has to be done, as the paint is coming off to bare wood. A major job, the whole place will need to be primered first, as the previous owners didn't do it to parts of the siding or any of the trellis, and that's where the paint is really coming off. Of course all the shrubs will need to be cut back away from the house first, and pressure-washing. All of that will happen this weekend.

Which means any veggie garden work needs to happen today, and I've been feeling massively sleep-deprived, even though I think I slept nine hours last night. The peas have just about had it, so I need to pull the vines and get all the peas in the freezer.

LTR - My father-in-law came over with the pressure washer, and got a sizable portion of the house cleaned. I cut back the rhodies on one side of the garage, which was a major undertaking. Getting Thing 1 to haul away all the branches was another! So in other words, I didn't get the peas dealt with at all.

The soup peas are coming along nicely. I'm suprised that they're drying down already. I figure about one more week, and they'll be ready for threshing. The peas are yellow and plump, almost the size of garbanzo beans. I've read that yellow peas make the best soup, but we'll see!

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