Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rainy Days

When the boys were small, my mom gave them a book called "Little Puppy Cleans his Room".

" 'Rainy days are good for cleaning,' said Little Puppy's mother."

And that's what I did today. With cool, showery weather, I cleaned the downstairs until it was presentable.

Yesterday and today, Thing 2 and I cleaned out his room. My little packrat has a really hard time letting go of things, and had a meltdown about the whole business yesterday. So we did a room purge and thorough dusting (my eyes are itching like crazy), and after it was all over, he spent quite a bit of time playing in his room with his Legos, using all the clean spaces as if they had never existed before.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cool as well, and another morning of cleaning should put the house in good shape. In the afternoon, I'm planning on getting rid of last year's blueberries in the form of blueberry muffins, and I promised Thing 2 some chocolate chip cookies.

I've been on a baking binge lately. On Slow Sunday I made the baps, a loaf of wheat bread, and a dozen hot dog buns. I've never made hot dog buns before, and they turned out delicious, although too big. The recipe said to make 12, but I think 16 or 18 would be better. Definitely worth another go. I'd love to make hamburger buns now as well. If I can make buns, then the only bread I'd buy is sourdough for Thing 1 and the occasional pugliese or french bread. How's that for removal from industrial bread?!

Tonight's dinner was "breakfast for dinner", with scrambled eggs, sausage, and homemade bread with homemade strawberry jam.

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Sinfonian said...

Hehe, I've never baked bread before but I am in the process of making a sourdough starter! I can't imagine making buns. How creative!

I hope my starter turns out, it's not working perfectly but hopefully it will. No pressure, but my mother wants some of it. I remember having an active culture for years growing up. I love the idea of making a loaf for the weekend.

If you're interested in a starter, Breadtopia.com has a great video on the starter and a no-kneed bread recipie for it.

Enjoying your blog!