Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Winding Down

I took the opportunity to take a few photos while it wasn't raining. We have four sugar maples which are simply gorgeous this time of year. They always turn one at a time, from north to south. I can't wait for the day we finally get to tap them for homemade maple syrup. It's a couple years off yet, at least.

I think I know where they came up with the idea of Shrek's ears. I have no idea what these are called, but they look cute on my bird feeder roof.

Monday I pulled out the rest of the tomatoes off the vines and started pulling them out of the ground. I found many more acorn squash that were hiding amongst the vines which are succombing to our fall weather. It was a challenge, dashing out between downpours. I'm afraid I've left a mess which will have to wait until tomorrow or, more likely, Friday. It's supposed to be nice then, and I have a laundry list of things to get accomplished. Like weeding the spinach, planting the garlic, cleaning up the veg beds, seeding cover crop, and fixing the lamppost.

I'm laughing now at my post less than a month ago, where I thought I'd only get 125lbs of produce from the garden. Now I'm thinking I'll get something like 175lbs.

I made a dent yesterday in the tomatoes that were all over my kitchen. I made four pints of pizza sauce. We'll see how they turn out. They tasted awfully lemony, and a little thin. I dumped in twice the amount of oregano and four times the garlic powder called for, and it still wasn't enough.

It's hard for me to judge what things will taste like after they've been canned and mellowing for a few weeks. The strawberry jam I made in June tasted way too sweet right away, but has since gotten better. I'm assuming that the salsa I made will be the same way.

Note to self on the strawberry jam: Make at least two batches, as Thing 1 really loves it for breakfast!

Also note to self: Be very careful when carrying gravy to the table! I made the second-biggest mess of my life the other day. I was getting dinner on the table, and was taking the cream gravy, putting a spoon in it as I went. I was right next to the table, when the gravy dish dropped right out of my hand! WHAM! it hit the floor, right side up and EXPLODED! Gravy flew everywhere! On the table leg, gobs on the braided rug, all over my cloth-cushioned chair, 12 feet down the hall, and almost to the ceiling up the wall 10 feet away. Somehow it managed to miss the clock on the wall, and another chair in the corner. Wow. It was impressive. If I wasn't in such a dither trying to get it all cleaned up before it stained, I would've taken a picture.

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