Friday, October 26, 2007

First Frost

We had our first frost last night. It's almost a celebration here. Something that I watch for. A signal of the end of the gardening year (except for all the overwintering veggies). It's time to run out with the pruners and clean the garden up for the winter. The trees that haven't turned and lost their leaves will start doing so now. Another couple of weeks and they will all be bare. Thing 2 looked out the window this morning and, with a smile on his face, exclaimed "Frost!" You'd have thought it had snowed.

There is something definite about first frost. Tender plants wither and turn to mush. The grass is all white. Tiny ice crystals in different forms beg to be investigated quick! before they've melted. The crunch, crunch of the grass under your feet. Those really cool tall crystals that lift up the dirt or mulch, ready to be picked up, measured, then smashed by small feet. The days are sunny and crisp. Real fall is here.

With last frost, you're never certain until it's a couple of weeks later, and then you can say "I guess last frost was last Thursday," or whatever. It's just not the same.

A few more frosts will need to happen before I dig up the horseradish. I'll probably pull the fall carrots this weekend. A little frost makes them oh-so sweet. It looks like we're in for a run of non-rainy weather, so it's a perfect time to get all those yard chores done.

Today we're out to a farm to pick our pumpkins. I'm planning on doing a cat for mine. If you want to try out your design before you slice, check out this nifty tool: Pumpkin Simulator

I'm hoping to also find some pie pumpkins to freeze. I found out last Sunday that I'm doing Thanksgiving dinner this year. The last time I did that, I'm suprised we didn't get sick - the turkey was totally undercooked.

We take turns being at my parents' place or Mr. E's parents'. It's the inlaws turn, but their oven is broken, and since they're living it up in Hawaii right now, they won't have a chance to get it fixed before turkey day. So, I'll do the honors. Thing 2 has asked for lots of stuffing, and cranberry fluff, a salad made with crushed cranberries, apples, grapes, nuts, and Cool-Whip. I have no excuse other than it's a tradition. {hanging my head in shame}

Mr. E doesn't like turkey, or pumpkin pie, or cranberries, for that matter. Thanksgiving is totally lost on him. Poor guy. I'm hoping to try a heritage turkey this year. I hear that people that don't like turkey, sometimes like heritage birds. The trick is finding one....

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