Monday, September 17, 2007

Slowing to a Slug's Pace

The last two days have been slow. Thing 1 caught a cold, and is now in bed with a temp of 101.3.

Our typical fall weather is upon us, with rain, rain, and more rain. Not the typical downpours of most places, just a gentle, chilly, misty, pervasive wetness. They say that Northwesterners have more words for rain than any other place, kind of like eskimos and snow. I have yet to find a word that describes something between drizzle and light rain. Rizzle? That's what we had yesterday. Slug and snail heaven.

Thing 2's soccer game yesterday was in the middle of the wettest time, and as soon as he was home, I threw him in the bathtub, where he stewed for an hour. Hot chocolate is the boys' drink of choice on days like these, usually with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, although I thought it a bit early in the season to start that. I did, however, start a fire in the wood stove, which warmed the house nicely. Maybe a bit too much, as the thermometer read 78 in the family room. Mr. E watched sports on tv, and dozed, while Thing 2 made a "nest" out of pillows and blankets in front of the stove, grabbed a book and snuggled up to read. We lazed about like that all afternoon and evening. It's nice to slow down sometimes.

However, today is usually my major shopping day, and I can't since I'm tending Thing 1. I should do all of tomorrow's chores today, but am having a hard time bringing myself to do that. So it looks like another slow day. I think it's time to start knitting again.

LTR - It feels like I'm coming down with the bug as well. Might just be a slow week....

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