Monday, September 3, 2007

A Fair Day

Today we enjoyed our local fair. We go to this one because it is one of the smaller fairs, and it doesn't overwhelm you with the numbers of animals, whether they be quadripeds or bipeds, or the size of the rides and the lines to get on them.

Thing 1 is just about of the age where the kiddie rides are too small for him, but after a spin on the teacup ride which resulted in his tossing his cookies, we decided that most of the big-kid rides were out for this year, so he went in many of the fun houses instead. Thing 2 loved this rocket ride, and went on it at least six times, and went on a rope ladders and slides kind of fun house maybe five times. After his fifth time on the ladders and slides, Mr. E asked if he wanted to go again. He said "No, it gets kind of old after a while." So Mr. E pointed out that the rocket ride had no line, and ZOOM! he was over there in a flash. Guess that one doesn't get old quite so fast.

We went with my friends M and J and their families, and Mr. E's old boss and his son. So between all of us, we were15, which, unfortunately, is too large a group to keep together, and before long we were all split up. I was kind of hoping that we'd get to spend more time together, but since all of their kids are smaller (my two are 11 and 9, theirs ran from 7 to 3), little ones tire much more easily, and they all left fairly early. But a good time was had by all, I think. At least we had a good time, exclusive of the up-chucking incident.

I finally found a summer hat. I wish I had found it early on in the day, but now I have one. So now I won't turn quite so red in the face from the heat. The guy that sold it to me said "Let me take off the tag for you." I guess I looked like I needed it right away.... It's a straw number with a broad brim, and it looks much more feminine than my Full Sail Ale baseball cap.

I also got my baker's dozen of Fair Scones. MMMMMMM! Usually they're ALL MINE! but Thing 1 has decided that he really likes them too, so now they're not ALL MINE!, but have to be shared. Which I suppose is better for the waistline.... Humph.

Before the fair, our friend Sir J, came to install my new microwave. A week ago, I turned into Wonder Woman, and in a sudden burst of strength, pulled the handle right off the microwave, making it impossible to open and completely unfixable. So a new microwave it was, almost completing the replacing of all major appliances since we've been married. Of course no two microwave mounting brackets can be the same, and this one was to sit on top of my tile backsplash (who came up with the idea to have a low mounting bracket anyway? Must be a man.) So Sir J came to my rescue, installing the microwave for me this morning. Which I am very happy about. Because we have no power tools.

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