Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall - It's Here!

Temps are dipping into the 30s at night now, and snow is forecast as low as the passes on Friday. Fall is here!

I am busy pulling in produce from the garden as we only have 2-3 weeks before frost, and dealing with it one way or another. At one point I had about 15lbs of tomatoes, 10+ lbs acorn squash, 12lbs pears, 10+ lbs apples and 6lbs of carrots on my counter, and I realized why the Pilgrims had Thanksgiving. The women were sick of trying to find ways to store all the food! Put it in their bellies!

I now have 8 pints of spicy salsa put up. Today I'm canning all the pears, this time using wide-mouth jars. I didn't understand the need for them before. Now I do! This should be a much easier. I haven't made the pie/cake for Mr. E's coworkers yet. Probably won't happen until Thursday as I don't have the buttermilk for one or shortening for the other.

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