Saturday, September 15, 2007

2007 Harvest Goal Met

Wooooohoooo! I made my fruit and veg harvest goal of 100 pounds! I still have quite a bit to harvest yet - cabbages, squash and tomatoes - and so I think I'll get to 125lbs by the end of the year.

The apples did amazingly well. I don't remember how many I had last year, but I think it was on the order of 5 lbs. This year, I brought in 39lbs! I can hardly believe that my four little trees gave me that many apples. At this rate of growth, I may be up to my ears in apples soon. Yeah, yeah. Don't count my apples.... Next year, I definitely need to spray for coddling moth, though, as Alkemene was badly infested, and stock up on ideas for things to make with apples.

Tomatoes did poorly. I didn't get them covered in time to prevent late blight, and it did in four of my plants. Fantastic made HUGE, beautiful fruit, but I think I'll only have five ripe ones when all is said and done.

I think that measuring my harvest was a great idea for me to do, although Thing 1 prefers to eats the food straight out of the garden, and not weigh it first. But this way I can measure my success, and it'll get me in gear to get out and plant, thin (I finally thinned carrots - what a difference!), water, and generally take care of my garden. It sparks my competitive streak, too, which in this case isn't such a bad thing. Next year there will be no trip to Europe smack dab in the middle of spring, so that should help as well.

I FINALLY found local honey at a little roadside stand. Hooray! I picked up some locally grown veggies, too, and we're doing kebabs tonight.

The weather is about to turn, and summer will be over. We're in for rain and 60s temps. The snow level in the mountains is supposed to be low enough on Monday, that we should see a dusting in the higher mountains. Our bbq dinners will be a thing of the past, and will give way to soups and stews, and fires in the wood stove, if I find a wood supplier....

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