Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The "S" Word

Around here there's a four-letter word beginning with S that sends everyone into a tizzy.  No, it's not that word.  It's S-N-O-W.

People from east of the mountains laugh at news stories of western Washingtoners slipping  and sliding our way around our streets.  But we actually have cause for panic.  Snow events are relatively rare around here, so even though most of the state's population is on this side of the mountains, most of the equipment to deal with snow is on that side of the mountains.  For example, Yakima County has 32 plows in the unincorporated county servicing a population of around 89,000.  Where I live, there are 33 snow plows serving a population of over 300,000.  So as you see, we don't get much coverage when it does snow.

So I find the best thing to do is watch the weather reports, and stock up on supplies to get us through until the snow melts.  Which is what I'll be doing this week, as there's a threat of snow on Friday and Saturday.  Mr. E claims that the "S-word" must be threatened three times before it actually does snow.  Personally, I'm not taking any chances.  If I'm ready, it doesn't snow, if I'm not, it does.

You see, it's not that I can't drive in the snow, it's that there are so many idiots in huge trucks where I live that think that 4WD means go 50 in a 35 zone on a steep hill.  I like my car, and I don't want (another) idiot totalling it.  So I'll stay home, thank you, and do my running around on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who lives on THAT side of the state I am finding it oddly satisfying to know we have more than our fair share of snowplows. ;)

I was over on YOUR side of the state this weekend and declare you guys to have more than your fair share of lakes.

So we're even. ;)

Enjoy the snow. :)