Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corn Failure

This year was the first year I tried corn in my garden. Dismal failure! I'm not sure if it was too small of a stand, or if the summer was too cold, or what, but it looks like the corn didn't pollinate at all.

On the one hand, it's a major disappointment (growing corn apparently isn't a genetic trait), on the other, I can get my corn from the local farmers, and it frees up quite a bit of space in my veggie garden for things that I can grow well.

Well, live and learn. What to try next year????


dawn said...

I have had good corn crops but not here. I have very sandy soil and not enough water. I got little cobs this year but the corn didn't grow very tall (but it all came up nice) and our weather like yours was really cold in July so the corn didn't have a good middle growing time. I will still try again next year. It am a sucker for punishment that way.

Sinfonian said...

I hear ya! My corn crop failed too. I planted too close together, or they cross pollinated, or I picked it too late. Either way it tasted bland and so-so. Not worth eating.

So I traded my 85 ears of bland corn to someone with chickens and goats for pet food. In exchange I got 50 years of blueberries in two bushes. Not a bad trade, so my corn was a rousing success.

Next year I'll go east of the mountains and get a van load to preserve. I too am thinking of ways to best use the space.