Friday, August 8, 2008

Stitch and Pitch

Last night I went to the Seattle Mariners annual Stitch and Pitch with my friend, M. It seems like the turnout is larger each year. My favorite part is the shopping, although I was a little disappointed in the selection this year. Or maybe I'm just getting pickier as I get older. I was hoping for some nice, wood needles, but didn't see any.

Lots of bamboo yarns, some organic yarns. It seemed like the theme was socks, as almost all the yarn for sale was sock weight. Frankly, I'm finishing the sock I'm working on, and that's it for sock weight yarn for a while. It takes me too long to finish a sock on size 2s. Too many projects to do to be fussing with size 2s!

I also noticed how the price of everything went up. It seems like most yarn is imported, and with the lower dollar value, yarns from Spain and Japan went from pricey to outrageous. On the other hand, it's making all the more local homespun stuff seem reasonable by comparison.

Anyway, the Ms won on a walk-off homerun, so everyone was happy. Well, the Ms fans were happy, anyway. I got about an inch done on said sock.

I'm taking a week to power down, and won't be posting. See ya back on the 18th!

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