Monday, May 5, 2008


I participated in Spokane's Bloomsday Run yesterday. I went with my two friends, M and J. J ran the course (she's awesome!), while M and I walked. It was a total madhouse. Some 44,000 people ran yesterday. We couldn't go as fast as we wanted to for the first two miles for all the (slow) people.

I did great until the Doomsday Hill, at which point my hips started hurting. I was afraid they were going to, so I brought along some ibuprofen, and struggled for the next mile and a half. The funky thing was, if I jogged, I felt fine. So I'd jog a little for pain relief.

At around mile 6.5, someone was barbecuing burgers. The crowd let out a collective groan. How cruel! J met us at the finish, asked us what we wanted to eat, and we both yelled "burgers!!!" She looked a little surprised, so we explained, and she took us to the nearest burger joint. That was the best bacon and cheddar burger I've ever had!

Well, I finished in 2 hours, 14 minutes, which was 15 minutes faster than I was hoping to, and I didn't totally crash. Today I am completely out of it. I slept for two hours this afternoon, and I'm ready to go to bed right now. Zzzzzzz

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