Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Dark

January has settled into my psyche. It's not light(ish) until an hour and a half after I get up, and it's dark within half an hour of the boys being home from school. I'm snapping at everyone for no good reason, and not getting anything done during the day.

About this time every year, I print out the sunrise/sunset times for my locale. I am that desperate to know that tomorrow I'll have two more minutes of light. Unfortunately, I checked to see my parents times as well, and found out that, although they live less than an hour south of me, they get five more minutes of daylight! Turkeys.

I knew that the short days messed with me, long before Seasonal Affective Disorder became popular. Every boyfriend I had at the beginning of January, wasn't around at the end of the month. Except for Mr. E. That's how I knew he was the one.

Thankfully, Sunday is supposed to be sunny, and the night before above freezing, and I'm planning on getting loads of yardwork done (Major sunlight asbsorption!). I've pruned the perennials out front, but I haven't dealt with all of the leaves. I'm sure my has-a-yard-service neighbor would like me clean them up. So I'll be doing that, starting some lettuce and spinach seed, and hopefully edging the lawn around the front beds. They look like H-E-double toothpicks right now.

Doh! I just realized that I forgot to pick some parsley for dinner (buttermilk fried chicken. Can you say "comfort food?"), and now it's dark. So I'll be going out to the herb garden, flashlight in hand, hoping I don't run into any creatures. Not that I ever have, it's just the thought. I mean, I know they're out there, right? Opossums (opossi?) creep me out, and racoons can be mean, and rats...ick. Not to mention that the coyotes are back, which is a good thing, really, although my cat hasn't left the garage for more than five minutes in over a month.

So I'm off, in the dark, foraging for herbs for dinner....

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