Sunday, January 13, 2008

And They're Off...

I've just made my first veg harvest of 2008. A whopping five ounces of carrots for tomorrow night's dinner. The reason I've pulled them today is that it's really warm and sunny right now, and tomorrow they're talking rain and snow. I just didn't want to try pulling carrots from frozen ground.

Tonight PBS is starting a Jane Austen series on Masterpiece Theater, and my "sisters" and I are getting together to watch the new adaptation of Persuasion and, I'm sure, critique the heck out of it. I find it odd that they're starting with Jane Austen's last book. Maybe because it's one of her best?

I don't recognize many of the actors, but I am a little fearful about the guy (bloke?) who plays Mr. Elliot. He plays Brutus in Rome*, and frankly, he needs to find a good orthodontist. It's hard getting around that horsey mouth. I hear he does a great job, though, so I'll try to be optimistic. It's just that Mr. Elliot is supposed to be so handsome. Maybe that's just my vision of him.

I'm looking forward to shots taken in Bath. It'll bring back many memories of when my sisters and I went for the Jane Austen Festival. Someday I'd like to go back, Mr. E in tow. Of course he'll be more interested in the Roman history of the place, which is, I admit, very fascinating.

I'm jealous that the festival ball takes place in the Assembly Rooms this year. The ball took place in the Guild Hall the year I went, and it was absolutely beautiful. However, it seems like a Jane Austen ball should take place in the Assembly Rooms. I just wish I could've seen it. There were weddings going on all the time we were there, and we weren't allowed to peek in.

Well, I'm off to finish raking leaves up for compost. Then, I think, a little reading of Persuasion to prepare myself for tonight's soul-piercing. Sigh.

* Rome, if you haven't seen it yet, stars so many actors from BBC and other (Bollywood) productions of Jane Austen books, it's fun to try and pick them out.

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