Monday, February 8, 2010

Why So Quiet?

Why has it been so quiet on the blog? My computer crashed again, this time fatally. As it was about eight years old, I guess it was time for a new one. So the only computer I currently have access to is Thing 1's, and he doesn't like giving it up for long. I've been able to check my email, and that's about it. My new one arrives the 24th, so until then, it'll be pretty quiet around here.

I just picked up some carrots and daikon for the Can Jam, and will be posting that soon, albeit without photos. Lettuce, cabbage, onions all started and under lights. Well, the onions aren't under lights - they have yet to emerge so are still sitting on top of the refrigerator. Almost finished with clearing out the last veggie bed. This is a good thing as the shotweed is starting to flower. It's been so warm, I keep considering planting the peas. Then I remember a saying (no idea where I heard it) that goes something like "There is nothing more I fear than a farmer in shirtsleeves in Februeer," which reminds me that we can get frigid blasts in late February and early March.

Last night we had yummy Penn Cove mussels for dinner, and all the shells will be crushed and used for slow-release calcium in the veggie beds. I used a first cutting of chives on the mussels - such a harbinger of spring! Thing 2, who loves chives on his potatoes, was very excited to see me bring some in from the herb garden.

On the things-to-do-this-week list: Bloodmeal on the garlic and chives, finish weeding the veggie beds and clean out the strawberry bed, start more lettuce indoors, carrot and daikon pickle, try and get to the perennial bed out front.

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