Monday, November 16, 2009


I had some minor surgery on Friday (the 13th!) and sat on my derriere all weekend. Although I'm doing fine, I seem to tire out easy, so I'm taking things slowly, and doing things that I don't have to be up running around for long periods of time. So I'm catching up on the laundry, baking and pureeing my pumpkins, and the in between resting time is spent knitting a lacy scarf for someone for Xmas (three people come to mind).

I'm baking the sugar pumpkins in a 350 degree oven for an hour, as 45 minutes doesn't seem to cut it. It seems that one of my plants wasn't truly a sugar pumpkin, although from the outside it looked like it. The pumpkin flesh wasn't dark orange like the others, nor did it have the same texture or smell. So I chucked it, since I didn't like the taste of it anyway. It was almost cucumbery. yuk.

The scarf I'm making is from (sorry about that! Blogger is messing up and the link isn't showing). I'm using some leftover fuzzy white stuff (mohair?) that I was going to make my mom a moebius scarf with, but I didn't have nearly enough. I've since lost the name of the yarn. The pattern goes really quickly, and I should have it done soon. I'll post pics soon!

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