Friday, February 13, 2009

The Seeds are Here! The Seeds are Here!

I finally received my order from Fedco. Sounds like they're getting hammered with orders - up 31% this year. Glad to know someone is seeing more business in this economic climate.

Unfortunately, one of my choices was sold out - parsnips of all things. So I'll need to pick some up at the nursery. I'll see what they have of Territorial's, but it looks like I'd better be quick about it, even if I don't plan on planting any until August.

Folks around the blogosphere are beginning their seed-starting. I'll be starting lettuces, broccoli and cabbages this weekend. They'll all go into the garden the first of April.

I found the most excellent containers for starting seeds. Full flats are too huge for the few rows that I start at a time, plus they're unwieldy. So I'm going to use the plastic containers that the pre-washed greens come in. They're just the right size, nice and deep, but not huge, easy to pick up and move, and there's a lid that I can use to keep them covered until germination.

Sowing this weekend:
Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield and Danish Ballhead
Broccoli: Umpquah and Tendergreen
Lettuces: Red Sails, Forellenschluss, Salad Bowl, and Black Seeded Simpson


Sinfonian said...

I'm glad Fedco is doing well. I don't shop there because I stay close to my area for the compatability. Territorial is my company as a result, but I like Fedco's stance on Monsanto better than Territorial's, even if I understand it (I did a few posts on that a while back).

Anyway, yeah, with the economy such as it is, and costs rising, it only makes sense nowadays to grow your own food.

Anyway, I've started my tomatoes and will start some cole crops and lettuce this weekend. Glad to see you're on top of things. Way to go!

Enjoy your garden!

Kristi said...

I shop at both, and sometimes Johnnys. Everything that's not uber-crucial for climate I get at Fedco. Many of the varieties are the same, anyway. Fedco's seed is WAY less expensive, not to mention their shipping is zero if you buy over $30, which I do. Tomatoes and squash I get from Territorial, although I've had good luck with squash from Johnny's.

If the lights work out ok, I'll start my tomatoes in early March.