Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy Busy

It's that time of year. With Thanksgiving so late this year, it seems like the holidays are knocking on the door, and I'm not even close to being prepared.

We have a wall of bookcases in the family room, and it had been years since we've had a really good book purge. So Sunday I went through, separated the books into hardback or paperback fiction, nonfiction, kid books and Jane Austen (she deserves a shelf all on her own, don't you think?). Then I alphabetized all the books (not in an OCD way, just the librarian in me coming out) dusted the heck out of everything, and tried to "artfully" get the books back on the shelf without causing the shelves to bend under too much weight. Now I have two grocery sacks of books to go to the used book store after letting friends' kids grab what they want.

Yesterday I tried to get the laundry room straightened out, but didn't manage to. I did finish four loads of laundry, but still need to find homes for outgrown coats, and I have a pile of things that need to go to charity. I did manage to hang the other new curtain in our room, get the lights, wreath and garland up, and some shopping in.

Last night was Meatless Monday, and I made spinach ravioli (Costco) with a butter and parmesan sauce. Quick, simple, filling, and yummy.

Today, I'm off to volunteer at Thing 2's class, then find a new coat that will stand up to Seattle rain and (whenever it gets here) 30 degree temps. I've managed to get a few things picked up for Xmas, but have only one person knocked off the list. Plus we're hosting two parties, one on the 13th, and one on the 14th, so I'm just a little stressed out at the moment.

Gotta find some ho.


Sinfonian said...

You do sound very busy! And you also have a 2 year old huh? My wife does the volunteering at his pre-school class. She also does my 4 year olds preschool class (and is chair of the co-op board). Sometimes she puts me to shame for busy. Oh, and she loves books more than just about anything too. Funny!

Well done!

dawn said...

Sounds busy and as it gets closer to the weekend you are probably working on last minute things. I love those spinach raviolli from Costco. We are gearing up for very cold weather this weekend but we live in a colder climate.

dawn said...

I was also going to say, I was just talking to my neighbour today and told her how I had all the kids books colour coded (with dots) and dots on the shelves so we could find books according to topic and they could put them back in the right place. We moved twice since then and I have yet to purge the books and organize them. I dream of doing it one day.