Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is it Spring Yet?

Ugh. I just checked out the latest from the Climate Prediction Center Two more weeks of cold and wet??? I'm starting to grow moss on my head!

My sprouting broccoli isn't sprouting. I planted it to have something from the garden in March/April, and the plants are just sitting there, taking up space. Did I do something wrong? The plants look healthy enough, but no sprouts.

The onions are finally starting to emerge, along with the leeks. I planted them in late March, but then it snowed, and until this last weekend, it's been rather chilly. I was about to give them up for lost, when small bits of green started poking their way through the soil. Hurray! I am out of seed, and don't want to have to buy plants.

The tomatoes are under lights in the garage and doing well. I would like to move them to the shed to toughen up, but it still gets to 40 degrees in there, and that's a little too cold for my babies. The potatoes are in the garage as well, but I think I need to move them to some better light, as they aren't sprouting as well as I would like them to.

Lettuce and spinach are slowly growing. I think I'll have greens to eat in a month, maybe less. I tried transplanting some spinach, and the direct-seeded spinach has almost caught up. I won't bother next year.

The peas are about two inches high now. They seem to be waiting for warmer weather before they take off, too. I planted a soup pea, Amplissimo Viktoria, from Fedco, and they emerged stronger and are taller than the Early Frosty shell peas.

Mmmm. Split pea soup.... Sounds really good right now, which, given that it's mid-April, is not a good thing. I should be thinking BBQ, tacos, at least warmer-weather foods.

All the fruit trees have been waiting for their chance to burst forth in bloom, and are popping a few small blossoms, as if testing the waters. Our usual succession of bloom (pear, cherry, apple) is going to be one huge explosion this year. I hope the bees wake up in time.

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